Goodwood Tourist Trophy Race #3 Results

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The third round of the Goodwood Tourist Trophy was made more exciting due to a rule change that happened just prior to the first heat.  It was decided at the clubs meeting to group racers with similar skills together so the racing would be more exciting as racers of similar skills would be racing each other as opposed to racers at a different levels.

That one little change made a big difference in the quality of the races.  The first heat under this new system saw Russell race Randy and John.  Russell was racing in this heat because he had to leave early and was going to run three and out.

At the end of the first heat Russell was out front with 69 laps and a fast lap of 4.177 while the two Group B racers – Randy and John ended on the same lap with a total of 63 laps.  Looks like the new format is already providing some close racing.

The second heat had Ary join the group with Russell and John.  Ary had brought back his super-fast Fly Ferrari 250GTO with a GT40 chassis.  Ary’s car was hooked up again setting the fast lap with a time of 3.953 and a lap total of 71.  Russell was not far behind with a lap total of 68 and John not far behind Russell with a total of 64 laps.

The third heat had Ary leading the way again, this time with 73 laps!  David joined in on the fun and ran for a total of 69 laps to Russell’s 67.  Looks like Ary is the one to beat if you plan on winning the series.

The fourth heat, Ary last, saw him run another 73 lap heat with a new fast time of 3.948.  Marty joined this heat and ran a total of 66 laps while David ran a total of 69 laps.

The fifth heat saw Marty run 71 laps to David’s 69.  Good but not enough to make up for his poor performance in the last heat.  David ran a solid heat and finished with a total of 69 laps.  Steve joined in on this heat and ran total of 67 laps.  That was a strong run from someone using a rental car he had not driven before.  Nice run Steve.

The sixth heat had Mark join Marty and Steve.  This heat saw the split between the A group racers and the B group racers with the A group guys finishing and the B group racers starting to run.  The story here was Marty trying to catch David and Steve trying to catch Marty all while Mark was working on staying with both of them and boosting his lap total as much as possible.

Marty finished with 71 laps and just managed to pass David in the standings while Steve ran 66 laps while Mark finished with a total of 61 laps.

The seventh heat had Steve and Mark joined by everyone’s favorite pussy cat – Rich and his Little Kitty racing team entry.   Steve finished with 68 laps and finished just two laps behind Russell in the overall standings while Mark ran 62 laps and Rich ran 60.  Very tight racing in the B

The eighth heat was all B group racers with Mark having a good heat running 68 laps while Brett’s first heat had him in yellow with a total of 63 laps.  Rich had a challenging heat and ended up running 58 laps.

The ninth heat had Randy back in after running in the first heat.  He was now racing with Rich and Brett.  At the start of the heat both Randy and Brett had a total of 63 laps.  This is the close racing I was talking about.  The heat was full of close racing with Rich actually being the racer that was pushing Randy while Brett was having some handling issues.  Rich and Randy had a great run with Randy finishing with 65 laps to Rich’s 62 and Brett’s 60.  This was a really fun race to watch.

The tenth and final heat had John join Randy and Brett.  At this point Randy had 128 laps to John’s 127 to Brett’s 123 while Mark was currently leading with a lap count of 188 or 60 laps a head of Randy.  This was going to be a fun heat to watch.  At the half way point it Randy and John were on the same lap with Brett only two laps behind.  With one minute left in the race John was in the lead with 53 laps, Randy was second with 52 laps and Brett very close behind with 51 laps.  At the end it was John winning the heat with a total of 66 laps to Randy’s 65.  Brett had a great heat with a lap count of 64.








In the overall standings for the B group it was even closer with John and Randy tied in total laps and the winner being decided by fractionals – John had 193.78 to Randy’s 193.18.  John took first by .6 of a lap.  That is the close racing we were hoping for in putting similar racers together.  Third place was Mark with a 189.23 just ahead of Brett with a 187.35.  Hello Kitty was fifth with 180.80 due to some first heat handling issues.  John also managed to take the fast lap of the race with a time of 4.268.






In the A group Ary was the class of the field with a total of 217.13 laps and a fast lap of 3.948.  Marty was second with a total of 208.75 and David was right on his heals with a total of 207.60.  Russell was in fourth and Steve was in fifth with the rental car.






There was great action on the track and I am sure we will see more with the new race format.  I suggest going to the clubs YouTube site and checking out the last heat of the race.  That was some great action.  Congratulations to all the racers.



















See you next month.












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