Racer Sideways Group 5 Proxy Race #2

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Racer Sideways Group 5 – Race #2


The second round of the Sideways Group 5 race was held this past Saturday the 27th at the club’s headquarters.

The temperature was up from the single digit temps a week ago to the low 70’s – a welcome change for everyone.  The 70 degree temperatures outside had a significant effect on the track temperatures inside the space and made track conditions almost perfect.

Five cars showed up to run this round of the series with no changes in the entrants from the last round.  The cars had not raced in four weeks and that gave the members plenty of time to make any necessary tweaks to improve the performance of the cars.  It was apparent right away that some of the cars were in much better shape and had a higher level of performance.

The racing was very close and come down to only a few laps separating the entire field.  Randy, Mark and Russell’s car were all very close together and it did not take much of a mistake by any of the drivers to put one car in front of the other.

The performance of the cars varied as some were more stable in the turns – Randy’s Ford Capri while others were quicker on the straights – Marty’s Lancia Stratos.  Mark’s BMW M1 was really one of the cars that had the best all-around performance while Russell’s BMW 320 was a little more difficult to push in the turns and not the quickest on the straights.  John’s BMW M1 was quick on the straights but was a challenge in the turns.

The winner of the most improved award goes to Randy and his Ford Capri.  His car was a real joy to drive and push hard on every part of the circuit.  It just needed a little more speed on the straights and it would have been untouchable.

With four races remaining in the series there is still plenty of time for any of the five racers to make their move to the sharp end of the field and take a podium position.

I can’t wait to see what happens at the next round of the series.

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