Slot It Group C Proxy Race #4

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by Lotus Jr.

Racing was very competitive in Group C, Round 4.  Clubhouse temperature was around 70 degrees, although the humidity was high will some light rain outside.  The track, after being cleaned with the Gulf truck duster had adequate traction.  Steve was enlisted to drive the green lane with John on blue and Mark on yellow.  Ary was on button and Marty was north turn marshal.    John and Marty did some tweaking on Randy’s BFG Porsche to elevate it from a moving apex to something more drivable.  The small changes certainly helped.

Class of the field was Marty’s Jägermeister Porsche with 216.41 laps and a best time of 3.894 seconds courtesy of Steve.  The orange bullet is not only quick, but also an impeccable handler as well.   John’s Martini Lancia took second with 215.87 thanks to an exceptional 74 lap drive by Steve. Ary’s Totip Lancia took a close third with 214.35 laps.  Randy’s resurrected BFG IMSA Porsche took a very close fourth with 212.23 followed by Russell’s Budweiser IMSA Porsche at 207.92, Mark’s Repsol Porsche at 204.73 and Marc’s red Martini Lancia at 204.59.

The award for the most improved car this round goes to Randy and his BF Goodrich IMSA Porsche 962.  This car was all but undriveable in the previous rounds but with some last minute tweaking it came good in this round of the series.  What tweaking you ask?  New tires that were perfectly trued combined with proper set up of the rear track and some movement of the lead weight in the chassis just made the car completely different and a joy to drive.

Near the end of the heats, Randy appeared from his Covid hibernation to tell lots of stories.  Glad to have you back, Randy!

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