Group C – The 2019 Season Begins

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The clubs most popular and most contested series of the year is set to kick off this coming Saturday – Slot It Group C.

The series is so popular because of how close the competition is, the ease of setting up the car and the time of year.

The close competition is due in large part to the great cars Slot It produces.  These cars are so evenly matched that it makes picking a favorite very difficult.  Having said that there are some cars that seem to work better than others on our track.  The Porsche 956KH, 962KH and the Lancia LC2’s have been the class of the field but there have been some strong placings from the Toyota 88C and the Nissan R89C.

Other cars have not been as successful.  These include the Jaguar XJR6, XJR9 and XJR12, the Sauber Mercedes C9, Mazda 787B, and anything that runs a long tail configuration.  These could probably be made to be more competitive, but they would require much more work and there is no absolute guarantee they would be as competitive as the proven winners listed above.

Slot It has done a masterful job in making these cars easy to set up.  The many tuning parts that are readily available from numerous sources make it easy to find the right parts to get a car set up correctly for your driving style, the track and the conditions.  The actual set up work is easy due in large part to the limited number of things you can change or tweak.  That does not mean you could not easily spend four hours getting one car race ready.  It’s often said that racing is 85% preparation and 15% execution or that races are won in the shop before the car even gets to the track.

The final piece to the success of the series is the timing.  Holding the series in Q1 between January and March is the perfect time for slot car racing.  Most people are coming off of Christmas breaks and are looking for something fun to occupy their time.  The 1 to 1 racing season has not really started up yet, football is winding down, and the weather is too variable to spend too much time outside.  All great reasons to come together inside with friends and run a highly competitive series while you dream of sitting in your favorite Group C car flying at the speed and passing your rivals to cross the line a head of the field.

We are looking forward to a great 2019 season of racing and are excited to once again start it off with Group C.  If you can come out an run with us you can watch the action on our YouTube channel and read the race stories on our website.

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