2018 Slot.it Group-C / IMSA

Return with us to the days of MTV and Nintendo and the sleek Group C and GTP Prototype race cars. These ultimate sports racers, from the bulletproof Porsche 956/962 to the Jaguars, Toyotas, Nissans, Mazdas, and more, battled for supremacy at Le Mans and Spa and Sebring and racetracks all over the world. Slot cars eligible for this series are limited to any of the Group C/IMSA GTPs from the Slot.it company and tuning options are limited to gears, tires, and general car preparation.

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2018 RevoSlot Porsche 993 GT2

In 1996 if you wanted to go endurance racing in the GT2 class you had two options – race a Porsche 911 GT2 or lose. The Porsches were that dominate in the mid-90’s that they won just about every GT2 race and every GT2 series. They were the perfect mix of power, handing and more importantly – durability. The club is looking for the same level of durability in our RevoSlot Porsche 911 GT2 series. The rules are the most simple one the club has ever used with the goal of putting the focus more on drivers skill than choice of car or set up.

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2018 Thunder Slot Lola T70 MKIII

The Lola T70 race car, designed by Eric Broadley, was a hit right out of the box, winning the inaugural Can-Am Challenge in 1966. Developed as both a spyder, as well as a coupe, it proved quite versatile, with a large variety of engines, although it was most successful with Chevrolet power. ThunderSlot cars, founded by Giovanni Montiglio, have proven to be very quick right out of the box. For this one-marque series, both spyders and coupes will be allowed, run with stock motors, gears, chassis, motor pods, and guides, and only a few optional parts. This should create a level playing field and create fierce competition. Come join us in what should prove to be a great driver’s series.

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2018 NSR Rally: Renault Clio R3 vs Abarth S2000

The Fiat Punto S2000 modified by Abarth and the Renault Clio modified by Renault Sport were built specifically to compete in the IRC – International Rally Challenge as well as the WRC – World Rally Championships. Both cars were evenly matched and both were spectacular to watch. They not only excited the crowds with their drifting around turns they also sounded fantastic as drivers pushed the cars to the absolute limits. The club will be recreating some of this excitement with our NSR Fiat Abarth S2000 and Renault Clio rally series. Expect to see some of the same drifting and smell some of the tires burning as they race around the clubs new rally track.

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BTCC Series – Round 3 – 2017

Race 3 of BTTC had only 5 drivers and saw its 3rd lead change of the series. This time it was Marty taking 1st place and fast lap with Ary in 2nd and David taking 3rd. Marty, Ary, and David all had slower times than race 2, but Mark was 10 laps faster than race…

WRC Race #4 Results

  The fourth round of the modern WRC series was well attended with nine total racers.  On top of having more racers there was a large selection of cars running this round.  Even with all the new cars the field was still heavy with Subaru’s.  The racing was very close with the top three being…

RevoSlot Porsche 993 GT2 Review and Setup

Here is the first look at the new RevoSlot cars that the club will be using for it’s first quarter race series.  The cars are so well constructed the video’s will show the basic steps that can be used to properly set up the car.  This is just a first look.  I am sure we will learn more about setting these cars up as we race the series.  Expect some real race set up tips very soon.

BTCC Series – Round 1 – 2017

Fifty nine years ago BTTC had its start. On Oct.7 Austin Slot Car Club represented this race with a mixture of manufacters from Honda, MG, BMW, and VW. It was a close race between David and Shawn with David barley pulling it out, and Ary taking 3rd place. Their was a good battle between John and Mark…

WRC Race #3 Results

WRC Race #3 Results Race #3 of the WRC series was very different as the number of racers was impacted heavily by last minute vacations, school conflicts, sporting events and other non-racing obligations. The result was only four racers showing up to compete.  Normally this would work out great as the total points distribution would…

2017 Group 5 Round 5 Results

Round 5 of the 2017 Group 5 Race Series saw a good battle for second place between Marty and Alejandro, with Marty completing 216 laps and Alejandro completing 213.  David was out front with 230 laps and Steve had 208.  Shawn had a disastrous race when a motor lead came loose in his first heat,…

2017 Group 5 Round 4 Results

Round 4 of the 2017 Group 5 Race Series went as expected; there was David and then there was everyone else.  David finished with a remarkable 231 laps.  Jordan and Marty fought for second with Jordan coming in with 222.9 laps and Marty, in the new Lancia, finishing with 220 laps even.  Shawn and Alejandro…

2017 Group 5 Round 3 Results (Corrected)

After Mark’s car failed in his first heat, Mark ran one of David’s cars in a non-points manner for his final two heats.  The results below have been corrected, giving Austin the fastest lap in Group B for this race.  The leaderboards for Groups A and B below are the results after three rounds(despite the…