2017 WRC

The World Rally Championship is widely regarded as the most challenging motor-sport championship in the world. Each year’s rallies take place in several countries were drivers battle one at a time to complete stages as quickly as possible on surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice – fastest overall time wins. The club’s 2017 series will spotlight WRC cars of 2005-15 and two tracks.

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2018 Slot.it Group-C / IMSA

Return with us to the days of MTV and Nintendo and the sleek Group C and GTP Prototype race cars. These ultimate sports racers, from the bulletproof Porsche 956/962 to the Jaguars, Toyotas, Nissans, Mazdas, and more, battled for supremacy at Le Mans and Spa and Sebring and racetracks all over the world. Slot cars eligible for this series are limited to any of the Group C/IMSA GTPs from the Slot.it company and tuning options are limited to gears, tires, and general car preparation.

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2018 RevoSlot Porsche 993 GT2

In 1996 if you wanted to go endurance racing in the GT2 class you had two options – race a Porsche 911 GT2 or lose. The Porsches were that dominate in the mid-90’s that they won just about every GT2 race and every GT2 series. They were the perfect mix of power, handing and more importantly – durability. The club is looking for the same level of durability in our RevoSlot Porsche 911 GT2 series. The rules are the most simple one the club has ever used with the goal of putting the focus more on drivers skill than choice of car or set up.

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2018 NSR Rally: Renault Clio R3 vs Abarth S2000

The Fiat Punto S2000 modified by Abarth and the Renault Clio modified by Renault Sport were built specifically to compete in the IRC – International Rally Challenge as well as the WRC – World Rally Championships. Both cars were evenly matched and both were spectacular to watch. They not only excited the crowds with their drifting around turns they also sounded fantastic as drivers pushed the cars to the absolute limits. The club will be recreating some of this excitement with our NSR Fiat Abarth S2000 and Renault Clio rally series. Expect to see some of the same drifting and smell some of the tires burning as they race around the clubs new rally track.

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2017 Group C Slot.it Challange #5 Results

Give me $5 … and let’s race.
Slot.it Lancias, Porsches and a lonely Jaguar took to the track for the fifth round of Group-C racing 2017. David scored the extra, fastest lap, point after clocking a blazing 3.785 seconds lap around the club’s 54 feet track. Ary and Marty finished less than a quarter-lap apart and John was only about half-lap ahead of Brett after 15 minutes of close racing. As some of you may be curious…

Goodwood Tourist Trophy Race #2 Results

The second round of the Goodwood Tourist Trophy series was another great round but was run under very different conditions from the first one.  The big difference was the weather.  Not just the weather but the effect it had on track conditions.  The temperature outside was a balmy 85 degrees while the track room was…

Goodwood Tourist Trophy Race #1 Results

After taking a full month off to get the rules and BOP, balance of performance, sorted out the club was ready to hold the first round of the Goodwood Tourist Trophy.  The race ended up being lots of fun and very enlightening. BOP Ruling Just in case you are not one to read the rules…

2017 Group C Slot.it Challange #2 Results

The always popular Slot.it Group-C series had 14 racers registering for its second round. The popularity of the series is likely linked to how close the racing is, among each racing class.   Some of the close racing highlights included Group-A racers, Ary and David, pushing their 1/32 cars to the limit  while battling for…

2016 Year-End Celebration

Continuing the club’s tradition, the 2016 year-end celebration was packed with good food, friendship, laughter, gift-exchanges, car talk and Tombola … Tombola? Yep, Tombola! Most commonly known as Bingo.  😀 Thanks to Mel Roeder, our friend from Down Under, who sent a package full of goodies, including a Scalextric Ford XB Falcon GT car; and Jen…

New Rally Track – UPDATE – MOVING TO KINGS 7-2-17!

The first track was built by the clubs founders in a span of about six months with everyone working every weekend. It was a lot of work but the result and the friendships that grew from it were well worth the time and effort.

The idea for a new track had been kicking around for a while now it was just a matter of building it. That is easier said than done. However all that changed at our annual club meeting in October of 2015 when the club decided to run a rally series that would require a new track. …

2016 GT Series

Wow Talk about an incredibly fast series.  Marty barely edged out David in a battle of the 3.7 second a couple of years ago a 3.7 second car was a unicorn now it seems they seem to be a common thing as we are edging into the near 3.6 car realm.  David in his very…