Porsche 917 Series – Race #2 Results

After some much needed R&D, Team Ghost climbs to the top of the podium. Following are some other details of the second round of the NSR Porsche 917 Series:

The top three finishers all belong to different groups – Ghost, Konstruktionen and Privateer – and their performance was well distributed, providing very close racing and great entertainment; only two laps separated first and third, and there here mere inches separating second from third, after fifteen minutes of racing. Team Gulf was slightly behind in pace and took the fourth spot, making it the fourth different group, consecutively,  on the finish order.

After two rounds, Team Gulf has the lead on points, with a total of 75, but Konstruktionen has the best points per driver average; a whopping 19.5 points per race, way ahead of the second best, Team Ghost, with 16.25 points per driver, per race.

Here are the technical inspection details for this round:

Alejandro G. – #917 Privateer / Weight: 72g, 13g of magnetic down-force


Bobby H. – #98 Privateer / Weight: 82g, 11g of magnetic down-force


Steve B. – #7 Ghost / Weight: 73g, 11g of magnetic down-force


David C. – #2 Konstruktionen / Weight: 76g, 11g of magnetic down-force


Shawn G. – #5 Ghost / Weight: 76g, 9g of magnetic down-force


Ary B. – #7 Gulf / Weight: 83g, 10g of magnetic down-force


Brett L. – #4 Sandeman / Weight: 72g, 13g of magnetic down-force


John B. – #1 Gulf / Weight: 77g, 9g of magnetic down-force


Mark L. – #25 Gulf  / Weight: 78g, 14g of magnetic down-force




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