Porsche 917 Series – Race #3 Results

The NSR Porsche 917 Series popularity remains strong amongst club members, attracting 10 participants on its third round. Neatly, each of the groups – Gulf, Ghost, Sandeman, Privateers and Konstruktionen – was represented by two entries, which had not yet happened in the series, providing a better picture as to where each team stands.

Shawn, racing for Team Ghost, had won the second round of the series and wanted to repeat the result on the third round. Marty, representing Team Konstruktionen, took gold on the first round of the series but missed round two, and also wanted the win. Both battled for the duration of the race but it was Marty, with Konstruktionen’s white and red #23 car who triumphed, completing almost 231 laps – an average of 77 laps per heat. Shawn came close with almost 228 laps and was followed by David, also racing for Team Konstruktionen, who completed 226 laps.

Alejandro, a Privateer, came in fourth with 222 laps and was followed by Team Sandeman’s #43 car, raced by Jordan, with 221 laps. Team Gulf first finisher was Mark, with car #25, finishing in sixth overall with 206 laps. Stephen finished seventh overall with 204 laps, racing for Team Ghost. Eighth was Randy, representing Team Gulf and completing 203 laps; he was followed by Bobby, also a Privateer, with 202 laps and Brett, racing Team Sandeman’s #4 car, completing 198 laps.

After three rounds, here are the teams’ standings:

Technical inspection details (Pardon for the out-of-focus images):

Brett L. – #4 Sandeman / Weight: 73g, 12g of magnetic down-force 


Alejandro G. – #917 Privateer / Weight: 71g, 13g of magnetic down-force


Marty M. – #23 Konstruktionen / Weight: 83g, 7g of magnetic down-force


Steve B. – #7 Ghost / Weight: 73g, 13g of magnetic down-force


Bobby H. – #98 Privateer / Weight: 79g, 4g of magnetic down-force 


Shawn G. – #5 Ghost / Weight: 74g, 9g of magnetic down-force


Mark L. – #25 Gulf / Weight: 78g, 11g of magnetic down-force


David C. – #3 Konstruktionen / Weight: 75g, 10g of magnetic down-force


Jordan C. – #43 Sandeman / Weight: 80g, 9g of magnetic down-force


Randy L. – #2 Gulf / Weight: 83g, 7g of magnetic down-force

Race video only started with round 4:


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