Porsche 917 Series – Race #5 Results

Marty takes top podium spot for the third time and secures Konstruktionen’s win in the series team standings. Despite the win, he remains in 4th overall due to missing race two of the series.

Shawn pushed but finished one lap short of Marty, claiming the silver, and was followed by David, who remains on the overall lead.

David leads Shawn on laps only, 5.34 laps to be exact; and Alejandro and Marty share the same overall points, after 5 rounds of racing. The title fight will go to the wire!

Technical inspection details:

Brett L. – #4 Sandeman / Weight: 73g, 12g of magnetic down-force


Alejandro G. – #917 Privateer / Weight: 72g, 12g of magnetic down-force


Steve B. – #7 Ghost / Weight: 72g, 12g of magnetic down-force


Mark L. – #25 Gulf / Weight: 77g, 11g of magnetic down-force


John B. – #1 Gulf / Weight: 78g, 10g of magnetic down-force


Shawn G. – #5 Ghost / Weight: 76g, 9g of magnetic down-force


Jordan C. – #43 Sandeman / Weight: 78g, 9g of magnetic down-force 


Marty M. – #23 Konstruktionen / Weight: 80g, 7g of magnetic down-force


David C. – #2 Konstruktionen / Weight: 81g, 9g of magnetic down-force


Randy L. – #98 Privateer / Weight: 77g, 8g of magnetic down-force


Roy M. – #2 Gulf/ Weight: 83g, 7g of magnetic down-force



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