2020 RevoSlot – Round 2 Results

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The second round of the RevoSlot Series was a repeat of the first with Ary and his well prepared Porsche GT2 setting the pace and causing all others to marvel at the quality of the build and the drive from Ary.  

The rest of the racing was very close with David and Marty both running very close with David getting the win by .3 of a lap over Marty.  

The rest of the field were within four laps of each other with only one car experiencing mechanical issues that put it behind the others.

The track proved slippery for everyone except Ary as the tires were still having issues with gripping the surface but gripping too much rubber slag that had been put down by the other racers.  Tire management has become the main concern for racers as they battle with the perfect car set up.  

Everyone enjoys running the cars but if we could get some tires that would last they would be one of the most popular cars ever.  

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