Slot It Challenge Q2 – Round #3 Update: Porsche Dominates!

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Porsche Dominates!

This past weekends Slot It Challenge saw the Porsche privateer teams get stronger and the racing get much closer.  It also looks like all those teams have figured out the high tail configuration works best on the ASCC track. 

While the Porsches have things going their way the other manufactures have struggled.  With Lancia pulling out it looks like Jaguar is the only other team providing variety to the series.  Having said that, neither of the Jaguar cars were having an easy time of it.  The once strong Jaguar teams have been marginalized by Porsche’s development work.  The result was great racing for all those watching and for all those racing.

The highlight of the first heat was the pace Brian and his Porsche 962KH were setting.  Brian had a best lap time of 4.094 in the blue lane.  This was the first time Brian hit a 4.0 in a race setting – congratulations Brian!  Other highlights were Shawn’s continued fast pace and Russell’s consistency.  Russell’s fastest lap was 4.200 and his average was 4.288.  Based on those times it looks like Russell would be a great endurance race driver. 

The rest of the heats were fast and close with everyone’s time coming down and the competition heating up.  The highlights of the middle heats were Shawn’s fastest time, Russell running fast and consistent, Marty trying to keep his Jaguar in the mix, Brian was very fast and Jim was trying his best to control the beast that was his Jaguar.

The final heat of the day was highlighted by Ary’s mad push to hit the vaulted 74 lap mark and stay in contention with Shawn.  He almost pulled it off.  He came within a few feet of hitting it.  It’s no surprise when you look at his average lap time – a phenomenal 4.098! 

At the end of the day it was Shawn who took top honors with 217 total laps and a fastest lap of 3.997 to add one more point to his total.  Looks like Shawn and his Porsche 962KH Camel car was smoking everyone.  Get it, smoking everyone, Camel livery.  Nice work Shawn.  Ary was only two laps behind with 215 laps while Marty and Russell finished on the same lap with 211 laps.  Marty’s car ending up just 10 feet in from of Russell’s to take third.  

It was a great day of racing with times dropping and competition getting closer.  It was also a day with few de-slots and great driver focus.  This third race also marked the point in the series where everyone pulls their motors and we do the blind draw process all over again.  It will be interesting to see how the motor swap affects the results in the next race.  We will all find out on the 21st of May as the Porsche – Jaguar battle will commence again. 


DriverLapsPositionPointsFastest Lap
Shawn G.  (+1 Fastest Lap)2171113.977
Ary B.215284.011
Marty M.211.5364.130
Russell M.211.3454.100
Brian H.209544.081
Jim J.194634.303


Leader Board

Three rounds run, three remaining.    
PositionDriverRounds RunTotal LapsPointsChange
1Ary B.364730
2Marty M.362820
3Shawn G.243219+2
4Russell M.361816-1
5Jim J.359912-1
6Brian H.358911



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