Slot It Challenge Q2 – Round 5 Results

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This past Saturday’s penultimate round of the Slot It Challenge Q2 will be remembered for two things – heat and tires. 

The heat was stifling with the temperature at the track hitting 91 degrees.  The heat put unique demands on the racers while at the same time it created a unique tire war with some racers choosing the proven Slot It P6’s while others chose the sticker and more finicky Shore 30’s.  These choices were not without risk.  Shore 30’s worked great if you had them dialed in but make the car uncontrollable when not dialed in.  Here is a picture of a Shore 30 rear tire that came off the rear of Shawn’s Camel Porsche 962KH after only one heat.  

There was also a point battle taking place with Shawn having one last chance to stop Ary from taking more points and potentially the Q2 Slot It championship.

Heat 1 – The races started off with Ary getting 72 laps in the yellow lane, Roy with 66 in the green lane and Shawn with 68 in the blue lane. 

Heat 2 – The second heat had Ary getting a massive 74 laps in the green lane, Roy with 68 in the blue lane and Russell on his first heat getting 72 laps in the yellow lane to match Ary’s first heat total in the yellow lane.

Heat 3 – The third heat had Ary completing his third heat by getting another 74 laps in the blue lane, Brian ran 69 laps in the yellow lane in his first heat and Russell ran 71 laps in green lane. 

Heat 4 – The fourth heat had Brian picking up 71 laps in the green lane, Marty running 71 laps in the yellow lane for his first heat of the day and Russell doing 72 laps in his favorite blue lane. 

Heat 5 – The fifth heat had Brian in the super fast blue lane running 70 laps, Marty was in green and ran a fast 73 laps and Shawn ran in yellow and completed 68 laps. 

Heat 6 – The final heat had Marty in the blue lane for another 73 laps, Roy in yellow for 70 laps and Shawn in green for another 68 laps.

The most laps were done in the blue lane with a total of 425 laps for all competitors.  Green was second with 423 and yellow was third with 422.  Fast laps were all set in the blue lane.  

Lap times were not super fast as the heat took their toll on the tires.  Fast lap for the race was 3.096 by Ary with Russell close behind with a fast lap of 3.996.  

At the end of the day it was once again Ary in front with his super fast Marlboro Porsche 962 making 220 total circuits of the track in three heats and fast lap.  The points he collected gave him the overall victory for the second quarter of the Slot It Challenge.  Congratulations again Ary!  The battle for second and third is wide open.  The last race will determine you wins the coveted brass plate – made from real brass!


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