Slot It Group C Proxy Race #6 and Final Results

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ASCC Group C Proxy Race Round 6   4/24/21
by Lotus Jr.

For the first time in over a year, the ASCC clubhouse had most of our regular members in attendance.  Ary, John, Marty, Randy, Dave, Steve, Mark, and Russell all made the show.  Russell was sporting an N95 mask and matching Darth Vader helmet, hence his new name Darth Russell.  Weather was in the 80s and dry.  The track was clean and reasonably quick.

The decision was made to continue the proxy format for the final round of Group C.  Drivers were Steve, John and Mark.  Ary was on button.  Other marshal duties were shared by Marty, Dave, Randy and Russell.  Racing was very competitive and the cars were at their best.

Race 1 was won by Marty’s Jagermeister Porsche with 73 laps.  Race 2 saw both Ary’s Totip Lancia and Marty’s Porsche finish with 71 laps. Race 3 win was Marty at 73 laps.  Mark’s Repsol Porsche won the 4th heat with 71 laps.  Randy’s BFG Porsche took heat 5 with 69 laps.  John’s Martini Lancia won race 6 with an amazing 75 laps and fast time of 3.867 seconds, thanks to Steve’s skillful driving.  Race 7 was captured by Ary’s Lancia with 72 laps.

The overall went to John’s Lancia with 216.75 laps. Second was Marty’s Porsche at a very close 216.42.  Ary’s Lancia rounded out the podium in third with 207.73 laps.  Fourth went to Randy at 206.69 followed by Russell at 205.78, Mark L.  at 205.76 and Marc T. ‘s red Martini Lancia at 201.74.  The entire field was over 200 laps with best times ranging from 3.867 to 4.112.  Now that’s good racing!

The You Tube video was clear with good sound.  Marty did a super post-race commentary as well.  With the great turnout, the Austin Slot Car Club is almost back to it’s old self.  Let’s say Adios to the pandemic!

The final overall results had Marty and his Porsche 962KH finishing only 3 points ahead of John and his Lancia Lc2 ‘85 and 17 points ahead of Ary’s Lancia Lc2 ’84.  The fourth place was Russell and his IMSA Porsche 962 and only 1 point behind was Mark and his Porsche 962KH.  The sixth place car was Randy’s BF Goodrich IMSA Porsche 962 and the final place was Mark’s Lancia Lc2 ’84.  A good mix of cars with the only consistent thing between them – a fixed rear wing.  No Jaguar’s, Mazda’s, Mercedes or Toyotas with their separate rear wing in the field of cars.  Many have tried these cars but no one can get them to run as fast as the fixed rear wing cars.  It will be interesting to see what Slot It’s new Porsche 962 with the separate rear wing will run like.  Looking forward to the 2022 Group C series.


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