Slot It Group C Proxy Round #1

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Group C 1st Round Jan.9, 2021

by John Breidenbach

Group C has always been the flagship series for the Austin Slot Car Club.  The Italian company has designed an excellent group of cars for this class.  Short tail Porsches and Lancia’s have predominately been the weapons of choice for our circuit.


Upon arrival, headquarters was cold as a Yeti cooler, but warmed up during the afternoon.  We ran the

Gulf truck track duster for ten laps in each lane.  The track did not feel fast, but proved to be much better than expected.  Ary and Steve installed the camera at a lower angle making for an excellent video.  New Zealand slot car enthusiast, Warren Topp was chatting with Marty while watching the live feed from the other side of the world.

The racing was very good overall.   Proxy drivers were Ary on the green lane, John, blue and Mark, yellow.  Steve was starter and Marty served as north turn marshall.  Marty’s gold Jagermeister Porsche edged out John’s Martini Lancia with 219.78 laps to 219.72. Marty also had fastest lap at 3.776 seconds.  Mark’s sharp Repsol Porsche grabbed the final podium slot with a strong run of  214.36 laps followed by Russell at 214.24, Ary 213.85, Randy 206.23 and Marc at 202.56.




As a racing note, Ary demonstrated his expertise by driving three different entries to 76 laps.  Well done, Ary!

Seven cars were on entered in round one.  As a result of the pandemic proxy racing having to continue, our grid was smaller than usual.  As one race is dropped from the six, we highly encourage our ASCC members to send a Group C car to the track.  With a good set up, anyone can be on the podium.   Remember, even though we call this proxy racing, you can take the ASCC class cars home and get them ready for the next race.  Bring ‘em out guys!


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