Texas Slot It DTM Proxy Shootout Race #4

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The first round at the Houston Scale Auto Racing Club was held on December 19th.  The race was to be broadcast live on their YouTube channel but they ran into technical difficulties like our club ran into for our first live broadcast.  They are working to make sure the next round will happen with no issues and we are looking forward to watching it this coming Saturday the 9th of January at noon.
The results of the fourth round of the series are below.  You can see that the cars from Austin did very well on a track they have never seen.  This is a statement on how well the Austin Slot Car Club members do on setting up their cars.  Well done everyone.
The cars from the Houston club did not fare as well and they discovered a lot about car setting up Slot It cars by looking closer at our cars.  They requested an opportunity to work on their cars before the next round to get them up to speed.  It will be interesting to see if their cars are quicker and are able to climb the leader board.

I am looking forward to watching the fun as we get back to racing in 2021.

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