Texas Slot It DTM Proxy Shootout Race #5

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Here are the results of the fifth round of the Texas Slot It DTM Proxy Shootout Race. You can see from the results that the series continues to have surprises with the performance of the cars changing from round to round – even on the same track.  Great to see Marc’s car do so well.  His car was set up really well and was super stable and fun to drive.  Looks like that was more obvious on the Houston track.  Russell’s car had a big come back after the last round where the guide was found to be too deep to work well on the Houston track.  Amazing what a simple change of the guide had on the cars performance – fastest lap of the race type of difference.  Alejandro’s car was consistent as ever and his third place finish keeps him in 1st place in the overall standings with an 8 point lead over second place.  Not bad with only one round to go.  It will take something happening to Alejandro’s Opel for him not to take the overall win.  As they say “It’s his race to lose”.  John’s car had a great run in the 5th round finishing 4th and moving up the overall leader board 2 spots to take over the 2nd overall position.  The 5th and 6th place cars were the first cars from the Houston Club.  It looks like they performed better but were still not getting the same level of performance the Austin cars had.  Marty’s car finished in 7th and moved up to 4th in the overall standings.  Mark’s Opel finished in 9th place and stayed in the 7th overall position.  Randy’s car completed the same number of laps and was just behind Mark’s car in 10th place.  Randy’s finish dropped him one place in the overall standings in 11th place.  Ary’s super consistent Alfa finished in 11th place.  I have no idea what happened here.  It doesn’t make sense that the same car finished in 3rd place in the last round at the same Houston track. Ary’s car is now in 3rd overall only two points behind John’s car for 2nd place.  David’s Opel once again proved to be a challenge to drive for the racers in Houston.  His car finished in 13th place and dropped to 6th in the overall standings.  Let’s hope his car has a better run of it in the final round.

Speaking of the final round – the sixth and final round of the series will take place on Saturday, January 23rd at noon central standard time.  The final standings will surely see some changes after this final round.  You won’t want to miss the fun and excitement.  Join us on the Scale Auto Racing’s YouTube channel to watch it all take place live.

I can’t wait for the next race!



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