Thunderslot 2018 Race 4 Results

The fourth race of the Thunderslot 2018 Race Series was held on May 19.  As i was unable to attend, Alejandro was kind enough to write the story and take photos.  Many thanks to Alejandro.  Check out the revised overall results at the end of the article!

The race started with Randy, John, and Mark on the first stint with an impressive 74  laps by Randy followed  by John with 72

and Mark with 70.  In the second  heat, Alex made the 76 laps followed close by Randy with 75 and Mark with 73

Now the race will take a previous route with Shawn 77 laps followed by Alex with 76 and Mark finishing his participation

with a total of 210 laps. The fourth heat has Steve with 74 laps because at the last seconds was “unintentionally” pushed out

of the track by Alex who completes this lap to make 75 laps and a total of 225 and fraction  (more about this later )

with Shawn again in the top with 78 laps!!

Fifth heat sees David making 78 laps on yellow his favorite lane not enough to contain Shawn with his 79 impressive

laps Steve was 73 laps Shawn ended with 234 laps!  John came back to the race on the sixth heat to make 70 laps.

Steve with 76 (one short of Alex ??? unintentional contact ????)  to finish with 224 laps.

The only way for David to go to the top was to make 81 laps he couldn’t and got shy by only two laps with 1

de-slot at the 75th lap of the heat.  Those final  results place  Shawn on the first spot with 234.55 laps followed by

David with 232.82  only 1.73 laps behind ( a blink of the eye ) Alex made a third-place Steve fourth.

Randy with 222.6 laps to win group B Mark with 216 and Last but not least  Sir John Breidenbach with 215.72 laps

( he missed the royal wedding only to race with us ).

The temperature and track conditions were very different than the last race making this one on the hot side

This car is very impressive, fast and stable. This race proves that a lot can be achieved with good setting and practice.

Trued tires and a balanced car is a most, driving skills on a tight lap difference places the best driver on a winning position

More to see? don’t miss the next race !!!


Wow!  The Series has really tightened up!  At this point, after everyone drops their one race, these are the overall standings: