Thunderslot Proxy Race #2

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The second round of the clubs Thunderslot proxy race had one more competitor – a car sent it from one of the club’s founders that now lives in Minnesota.  This new entry, a McLaren M6A brought the total number of cars in the proxy to 8.

It was 100 degrees outside but the club room was a very comfortable 80 degrees after the work BP Heating and Air completed on the clubs HVAC unit.  Thanks again Bill!

The track was in great condition with some club members coming in during the week to run and clean the track.  The club also has a new track cleaning tool built by Randy that helped make cleaning the track significantly more fun.

The racers driving all the cars in this round of the series were the same as the first event – Mark, John and Ary.  These guys all understand the format and what’s at stake for the racers who took time to prepare and send in a car.  They are trusted by the rest of the club to get the best result. 

The cars had been back in their owner’s hands for some additional tweaking over the past two weeks with the goal of making the cars quicker and also more drivable.  Most cars had been tweaked using the normal tuning tricks and techniques but Ary had one more trick up his sleeve, or on the wall.  Ary’s car did not have the best first round so he brought in help from a higher power.  Hoping to get the most of his Italian made car he had a statue of the Madonna and a rosary.  We will see if this new spiritual assistance makes a difference in his car’s performance.

The heats started fast and continued that way in every heat.  The fastest times were being set by Ary with both Mark and John setting similar times with their average lap times being only five one-thousands apart.  Very closely matched drivers. 

The final results of the race were similar to the first round of the proxy with John’s McLaren M6A being the class of the field.  Marty’s Lola Spyder was once again second but this time it was less than a lap away from John’s McLaren.  The third place car was Randy’s Lola Spyder.  Randy’s car was in fourth place last race.  Fourth was Ary’s custom and well blessed Lola Spyder.  Fifth place was Marc’s stunning Lola Spyder with the best detailing seen on any of the cars racing.  Sixth was Russell’s Lola Coupe – the only coupe in the eight car field.  Even though Russell’s car finished sixth it completed 12 more laps in this round of the series.  Seventh was Brian’s McLaren.  This entry was not as tuned as some of the others and will surely perform better in the next round.  The eighth place car was Mark’s Lola Spyder.  This car look challenging to drive and I am sure will be tuned for the third round of the series.

The next round will be Saturday, August 8th at 1pm.  Please join us on the clubs YouTube channel.  We will be broadcasting live with commentary from the racers, corner marshals, car owners and the race commentator.  I can promise you it’s worth checking out.










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