Thunderslot Series Proxy Race Rules

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The intent of this series is for everyone to have fun getting back to some sort of racing while we are still under quarantine.


  • Racers will remain in the same lane for the duration of the race meeting.
  • Racers will not be allowed to race their own car and will swap lanes with another racer when its time for their car to run in the lane they are racing.
  • The three racers will remain the same for each race meeting. Racers may be different between each of the race meetings.



  • Cars can be delivered to the clubs headquarters or arrangements made with one of the racers to pick up the car to be delivered to the headquarters.
  • Cars will run in the condition they were delivered to the club headquarters so make sure your car is in good condition and ready to run.
  • Cars will go through a standard pre-race inspection.
  • Any car found to be outside the rules will be tuned to meet the rules by the series manager.
  • Racers will be allowed to clean tires and braid during the race.
  • Any minor repairs will be done by the series manager prior to the car being raced.
  • A car that breaks during a race will be repaired during the heat by the series manager while the race is paused.
  • Damage to a car from a crash that happens as a result of driver error will be fixed while the race is paused.
  • After the race the owner can have their car back to complete any repairs or prepare it for the next round. If not, the car will be left at headquarters where the series manager will go over the car and make sure it is mechanically ready for the next round.  Any repairs that are needed will be communicated to the owner.  The owner can choose to pick up their car and do the work themselves or pay the series manager for parts to complete the work.

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  1. Update on how to prepare your Thunderslot rear tires. I had an issue with four pairs of Thunderslot tires cracking after I glued them to the rims. I emailed Thunderslot pictures of the tires along with a description of the different glues I used and they responded in less than 24 hours. That is some good customer service. They said that you cannot use any CA glues on their tires. You need to use a silicone glue and not CA on all Thunderslot tires. Now you know. I wish that I knew that before ruining four pairs of tires.

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