Track Details

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The Austin Slot Car Club Track is a custom built, three lane wood track with an average lane length of 54 feet (16.46 meters).  Lane spacing is constant at 4.5 inches (11 cm) so that 1:32 and 1:24 scale cars can be raced. The track is tastefully landscaped, however great care has been taken to ensure that there are no sightline barriers to impede racers’ vision.

Lanes are powered by a Pyramid PS26KX adjustable power supply that delivers between 6 and 15 volts DC at up to 22 amps.  Timing is handled by a Trackmate timing package utilizing an overhead light bridge and Trackmate and/or PC Lapcounter software.  Driver stations are outfitted with female XLR connectors wired with Black (Track) on pin 1, White (Positive) on pin 2, and Red (Brakes) on pin 3 – which indicates a Positive Polarity wired track.  Details about the wiring of the track and controllers can be viewed in this Forum topic.


Quick Reference Summary
Average Lane Length:54 ft (16.46 m)
Blue Lane Length:54 ft (16.46 m)
Green Lane Length:54 ft (16.46 m)
Yellow Lane Length:54 ft (16.46 m)
Driver Station Connector:Female XLR (B:P1, W:P2, R:P3)
Power Supply:Pyramid PS26KX
Voltage:6 to 15 VDC at 22 amps
Timing System:Trackmate w/ LED Light Bridge