We Have Air Conditioning!

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We have air conditioning! Our air conditioning unit was serviced by Bill Potts of BP Heating and Air. The unit is now able to run at its full capacity to keep our headquarters cooler and far more enjoyable. Bill and his crews were out three times over the last week where they replaced the fan motor, installed a new thermostat, replaced three relays, rewired the system and checked our Freon levels.

They did a great job and fixed or replaced only what was needed and unlike most HVAC firms did not tell us we needed to replace the entire unit. The cost for all the work was significantly lower than what we have budgeted and the quality of the work was fantastic. Please remember Bill when you are looking to get your HVAC unit serviced. Bill was a great person to work with and I can’t say enough about what he has done for the club at a time when we really needed a break.

Bill Potts can be reached at 512-789-5525.

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  1. A/C Update – Ary went by the headquarters to discover the blower fan was not working even though the A/C unit was working. Bill Potts came out on Wednesday and replaced the blower fan and worked on the wiring again. He set the thermostat at 77 and on Saturday morning when Ary went to check on it the temp in the headquarters was……..77 degrees. Yes, 77 degrees. That is amazing. I can’t wait for Covid to clear up now that we have a dedicated space and air conditioning. Thanks again Bill Potts.

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