WRC Race #4 Results

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The fourth round of the modern WRC series was well attended with nine total racers.  On top of having more racers there was a large selection of cars running this round.  Even with all the new cars the field was still heavy with Subaru’s.  The racing was very close with the top three being within seven seconds of each other.

Marty and his Subaru were not the fastest but was the most consistent.  Ary was easily the fastest with the smoothest car in the field.  He was a couple of de-slots away from winning this round.  Shawn was third with his revised and updated Subaru.  The changes made lots of difference and put Shawn in third and very close to the top spot.  David was getting to the top with his new car.  He was very fast but had a few de-slots that put him down to fourth.  Mark had one of his tougher races.  He was still very fast and led the B group again.  He had a few more de-slots that he had in the prior rounds and those pushed him down to fifth overall.  Stephen was running the super hot Citroen and was having some trouble keeping it in the slot.  He even reduced the power during the race but it didn’t seem to make a difference as the car was still too fast to drive.  Randy had a solid race and finished second in the B group.  John was still working on getting a handle for his car and the rally track.  He finished third but I am sure he will be faster in the next round.  Austin was racing in his second round of the series and was putting the durability of his Subaru to the test.  I hope he purchased the extended warranty with that car.


The next round will be Saturday the 11th of November.  It will be interesting to see if the racers have a better feel for the track and the cooler track temps.  Anyone have some shore 20’s ready to go?








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